Operational efficiency development

Developing an organization's ability to create value is a constant and complex managerial task. In our work, besides involvement in the entire process of assessment, awareness raising and project implementation, we also take part in ensuring sustainability. Our methods have been developed based on our experience of more than 25 years of management and organizational development. With our contribution, the foundation of effective organizational operation is realized: the system of well-designed, controllable processes, the efficient work of the people operating the processes.

  • Process optimization: process mapping, development, transformation, regulation, implementation. Development, amendment of detailed operational documentation (preparation of regulations, job descriptions, etc.) Implementation of complex business process management system. Transformation of processes related to IT system implementation.
  • Project management: involvement in the preparation, design of the projects, exploration of the risks, supervision of the projects. Full support of the project manager during the implementation of the project. Quality control, control of the project supplier contributors. Client-side representation.



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